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Business Development Service

We are pioneers in Ethiopia to put the Small and Medium Enterprises on the agenda. We pledge ourselves as a change maker in supporting the ‘missing-middle’ entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. We established to promote responsible business development through diverse programs.

We provide our customers with a complete full scale, cost-effective and efficient business solutions tailored to the client’s specific needs. We help you to be prepared to the competitive world by tackling most internal and external driving forces that affect the way your business operates.

Our services are designed to tackle business challenges in different parts of your organization, namely; Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology and General Management. By offering our customers with wide business solutions, we aim to create ‘new approach’ to business challenges to remarkable organizations operating in Ethiopia.
With our desire to contribute to the development of private sector in Ethiopia, we have supported over 80 Small and Medium Enterprises innovate their businesses and become investment ready. Our Resilience Business Development Support program is characterized by its hands-on approach to creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs to help each other and get access to the right expertise to create successful businesses.

In this program, We offer

  • Practical business training
  • Peer-to-peer coaching
  • Individual coaching
  • Expert Seminars
  • Expert mentorship
  • Management consulting
  • Business and investment plan review and design

We have had a pleasure to be inspired by remarkable entrepreneurs, donor organizations, embassies, government offices, financial institutions and professionals that create positive social and economic impact. We, therefore, like to invite you to join us as either a business owner or a funding organization to continue our journey of making a difference in the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Our core values and our desire to promote a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem are the principles that drive our business development service.

BDS Programs