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Optimizing Business Performances

At R&D Group we applaud partnership and cooperation. As a result, we have succeeded to enter a strategic partnership with diverse IT experts and internationally acknowledged IT software and consultancy providers. We are able to offer you IT solutions based on your IT strategy. As we use our local experts to localize the solutions we provide, we are more effective than many foreign IT solution suppliers.

In any question, you can contact our IT specialists, who will be there to give you the required answer at the best customer service.


Offshore Outsourcing
Our Outsourcing service is established to connect the untapped talent of Ethiopian IT professionals to the rest of the world. Having the largest youth population in Sub-Saharan Africa and IT related studies being embraced by outstanding youngsters; Ethiopia has great potential to provide talented professionals to further improve the growth of your organization. In order to improve the skills of our employees, we work closely with many foreign ... Read more
You can contact us for:
  • Optimization Systems
  • Football Analysis
  • Software testing
  • Full-Scale Payroll Management

  • Security Optimization Systems
  • Content management
  • Data collection
  • Executive Leasing


Sport analysis
Among many of our projects, we are most proud of our sustainable partnership with a Dutch-based software company ORTEC SPORTS. ORTEC SPORTS is specialized in supplying software and knowledge on a multi-level to different sports organizations. It provides sports analysis to the technical staff at a detailed level while supplying filtered reports to the media (TV, radio, the internet, newspaper etc) and coaches on a strategic level.
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Optimization Systems
In today’s fast-paced world, organizations are expected to spend a great deal of effort “optimizing” their physical and financial assets. As Africa is believed to become the future of the global economic growth, we expect firms in Ethiopia to face great competition in the near future. When and if you want to stay competitive to your business rival, it is of great importance that you work on optimization of your organization.
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Security and time registration system
You cannot simply continue using the old model paper time sheets to register the attendance and working hours of your employees. Using automated time and attendance system will allow you to reduce risks of error and payroll inflation, which are common to manual process. You can also link productivity and real employee costs per unit, making it easier to determine your selling price more precisely. In a time where there is great difference ... Read more
IT consultancy
We provide our customers with wide range of management and IT consultancy, which allow them, develop and implement effective business strategies and technology solutions. Our international and local specialists have the skills to prepare you to the competitive market and ever increasing customer demand, by creating balance between business and IT landscape of your organizations.
Our consultants have extensive experience in consultations and project implementation of diverse projects.
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Executive Leasing
we are the only company in Ethiopia that can provide you with short and long term solutions or project based specialists with executive capability on a temporary or permanent basis. You can find capable candidates specialized in management and IT fields, who are on our payroll.

You can benefit from our executive leasing services to operate cost effectively without ‘over-resourcing’ for a longer term than necessary; cover staff who are on sick or maternity leave, and gap filling when there is a gap between individual leaves a company and the time until his/her replacement can commence. You can also use our executives for contractual projects with NO headache of payment or legal issues.

HR Administration
In reality, HR administration is a deep and extensive element of HR management and demands resources and expertise of substantially higher level. In a time where there is great competition, it is advisable for organizations to focus on their core activities. Instead of taking care of your HR administration on your own; you can better leave that up to specialists like us!

Contact us with your HR administration questions, and we will ensure our experienced professionals from the various fields to take care of your HR admin responsibility in the most expert manner ever!
NO MORE payroll and physical tax payment issues and most importantly NO MORE HR administrative issues, we take care of the payment and we handle the legal issues!
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