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Our Team

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In order to meet the market demand, we have invested immensely in our team and built a wide network of local and international experts. Our team is made up of local and international talented professionals with outstanding academic background and practical experience, making them excel in their chosen careers in management, Marketing, Finance, communication, information technology, and human resource management. This makes us a unique organization in our field, allowing us to offer you with a range of business support services to help your organization become competitive. With over 100 employees and state of the art technology, we have the ability to deploy innovative resources to meet the ever-changing demand of business of all sizes.

Rahel Boon Dejene
managing director

Wondwesen Zewdie
Dept. General Manager

Solomon Yirgalem
HR and Finance Manager

Nahom F. Abraham
Business Development Manager

David Winter
Change Manager

Fitsum Yegezu
Football Analysis Dep.Manager

Annelien Meerts
PMEL. Manager

Aklilu Abate
Business Development Associate