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Private Sector Development

Flexible Solutions for all your Business Needs!
We are a pioneer in Ethiopia to put the Small and Medium Enterprises on the agenda. With our long-standing partnership with Cordaid and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, we pledge ourselves as a change maker in supporting the ‘missing-middle’ entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. We established to promote responsible business development through diverse programs. We provide our customers with a complete full scale, cost-effective and efficient business solutions tailored to the client’s specific needs.

We help you to be prepared to the competitive world by tackling most internal and external driving forces that affect the way your business operates. in in the Ethiopian Market. Our services are designed to tackle business challenges in different parts of your organization, namely, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology and General Management. By offering our customers with wide business solutions, we aim to create ‘new approach’ to business challenges to remarkable organizations operating in Ethiopia.
Resilience Business Development Services
with our desire to contribute to the development of private sector in Ethiopia, Cordaid and R&D Group have supported over 40 Small and Medium Enterprises in the last two years. Our Resilience Business Development Support (R&D'S) programis characterized by its hands-on approach to creating an ... Read more
Due to cultural and economic shift globally, customers, donators, development aid organizations and governments are expecting ‘social sector actors’ to become financially independent. We have wide experience in helping your organization become financially sustainable through social enterprising activities. Do not become fund dependent, and earn your own income for your social and economic cause. We can help you develop innovative business models to continue existing! Next, to our setting up social enterprise experiences, we are specialized in Public Private Partnership, wherein we bring diverse players from all sectors to learn from each other and to explore new strategies for partnership based on their individual core business.  Read more
With our wide experience in advising different ministries in foreign countries, we can help governmental bodies to design innovative youth employment, (women) entrepreneurship, micro-financing, and private sector development related policies.

pursuing profit at the expense of vulnerable workforces and environmental catastrophes is no more acceptable! Organizations in the private sector are expected to ... Read more
Do you want to enter the Ethiopian market but struggle to find valid information about what business opportunities there are in Ethiopia? Our dedicated team working in our 'Business incubation center' can provide you with economic/business research, which is focused on informing and enhancing your decision-making on economic and policy issues in Ethiopia. We provide our customers with valuable micro economics forecast based on major factors of economic development so that you can spot clear investment opportunities.

In need of finance? We can help you find access to finance for your business expansion. In cooperation with our partner Stark Consultancy, we will enable you to benefit from diverse financing opportunities.