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Performance analysis
To gain information on the effectiveness of your athletes and team, ORTEC Sports developed the ‘Effectiveness in Action’ video analysis system (EIA). All actions and achievements are registered and connected to video images. You can watch, analyze and edit the images within seconds. The EIA system provides analysis and interpretations that you can use to improve the achievements of your team and individual athletes.

Technical and tactical information generated from EIA system have varied applications in analyzing:
  • - Individual player performances
  • - Team performance analysis
  • - Inputs for scouting new athletes
  • - Game day strategy
Use the ORTEC Sports Status to target and involve your Sports-fans. Entertain your customers with custom made Games inform them with (live) Stats by using our Widget, Apps and white-labelled website with fully automated content.

Some of the applications of our system in fan engagement include:
  • Media portal
  • Sports Event apps
  • Digital sport magazines
  • RTR reporter
Sport management and consulting
Together with our partner, ORTEC Sports we distinguish ourselves by giving professional in-depth insights about specific sports situations. The high quality of the sports data enables the consultants to support the technical staff. Next, to the consultancy, we share the knowledge about how to use the EIA Software and how to work with the data to enhance the performance.

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