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R&D moves with the vision of being a leader in developing young generation with entrepreneurial, IT, management, communication and related skills. Having a wide network among experienced foreign and local training experts, we are able to provide our customers with modern training method adapted to the Ethiopian context and in line with your human resource development strategy.

R&D is one of the first institutions to become certified Business Edge® certified training provider in Ethiopia. Our trainers are trained to adapt practical training methodologies aiming to tackle practical business challenges in different parts of the organization we work with. Through modern training methods, we are able to prepare and adapt our training to guarantee continued growth by providing high-quality training solutions, creating operational efficiencies and implementing strong business intelligence. Since we understand the fact that, businesses require a practical, end-to-end, business process solution, we and our partners offer a range of training and consultancy solutions in Human Resource Development field. By deploying our knowledge and solutions, our customers are able to achieve considerable knowledge in different training fields.

We have various in-house custom developed training and have access to 59 Business Edge training modules. Furthermore, our team is available to work with you in defining the appropriate subject matter and the right approach to and custom-design the training contents as to satisfy your training needs!
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Business Edge Trainings
"your Business deserves an EDGE "
Business Edge® is an IFC-World Bank Innovation of a standardized training regime that is geared towards developing the capacities of employees of companies. Business Edge training programs are designed based on adult learning strategies that have led to their worldwide acclaim. R&D has 14 certified trainers (both international and local) in its disposal, two of which are certified training quality assessors. In the last 2 years, R&D has run numerous Business Edge training and custom made in-company training to multiple SMEs and corporates.
We welcome you to a new era of activity based training, will lead your organization and employees to the next level. Implemented in 64 countries, we have joined the accumulated force of IFC’s innovation to improve management capacity and business performance in Ethiopia. We deliver 59 fully developed training courses, designed for adult learners and adapted to the Ethiopian business environment.
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"Developing future leaders"
Management Training
Learn and Lead"
In this competing economy, employers can motivate an employee, increase productivity, reduce employee turnover by educating managers. The ability of managers is stimulated by continuously upgrading their current skills and developing new skills. We provide diverse management training to equip managers at all level with the right tool to implement change effectively, overcome inevitable resistance, effectively manage conflict, win people’s support and more importantly understand themselves so they can become more effective in their communication and interaction with others Read more
Personal Development Trainings
" Improve your performances at home and at work "
Since we are overtaken by our daily life, we tend to forget to invest in ourselves so that we manage ourselves more effectively. In many cases, people fail to focus on developing interpersonal skills, because the results are not always measurable. However, personal development training is very useful tools to evaluate ourselves, become goal-driven and proactive and to give us the ability to value what we have and strive for more realistic goals. ... Read more
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Teambuilding
  • Problem Solving and Creative Thinking
  • Conflict resolution

  • Assertiveness at work
  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coping with Change
  • Pursuing and influencing people

Career Advancement Training
"STOP being a utility to your employer but an ASSET where you belong!"
Not that long ago, many professionals in Ethiopia been forced to settle for a job instead of career! This has obviously been a result of limited job opportunity in the market. However, thanks to increasing economic growth and interest by foreign direct investors, qualified professionals can finally stand where they want. With this increasing opportunity, you need to stay competitive by developing the career-driven mindset, whereby you strive ... Read more
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Job interview skills
  • Identifying career opportunities
  • Finding Career Direction
  • Career Coaching
  • Effective CV writing
  • Employment laws

Information Technology Trainings
"Stay updated"
Our IT training is designed to help you solve real-world practical computing issues. We help you dive into troubleshooting Windows, set up networks, servers, and clients services, manage big data and keep your organizations' network security. Our IT courses are custom made to your organizational needs and can help you become a brilliant programmer, network professional, security specialist, technical support analyst or more. Whatever career ... Read more
  • Microsoft Trainings
  • Installing and Configuring Windows 2012
  • Data Analysis
  • Video Coding and Analysis

  • Football Analysis
  • Digital Information Management
  • Data Interpretation
  • Database Management

our standard training services
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