Quality coaching and training are top ways to fast-track business growth, forge your team into leaders, and bring clarity to your businesses’ vision. R&D is a trailblazer with a track record of molding future business leaders with its record-setting training programs. We work in synergy with your in-house teams to create custom programs using industry-standard methodology that guarantees incredible output once deployed. Every modern business must prioritize human resource development and R&D is the partner to help you achieve that.

R&D brings tailor-made and interactive interventions that are geared towards excellence. Our unique training methods amplify the capacity of employees and managers, maximizing output for your business and cutting costs long-term. Our bleeding-edge adult-learning techniques guarantee that training is effective in equipping your organization with the right corporate culture for the modern era.



The right managers with the best skills can motivate, inspire, increase productivity, and keep employee turnover to the minimum. The required managerial skills can only be accumulated with a continuous upgrade of your management’s methods with the best and latest training programs, this is what R&D does. We offer a wide range of uniquely incisive leadership training and coaching programs to furnish managers with the right mindset to implement change effectively, manage resistance, and diffuse any arising conflicts. Our training programs are created to engender harmony within your employee rank and file, forging support and enabling more effective communication internally and with the outside world.

Some of our leadership programs include the following courses;



Get your management psyche and skills recharged to take your organization to a whole new level. We have created over 60 industry-leading training programs steeped in adult learning techniques. Our programs arm your managers will global skills that set your business on the path to growth in no time. Our team of accomplished local and international trainers is always on-ground to give your organization the best, fit-to-size training and skills that work best for your company.

Our standardized training modules focus on the areas of 


It’s the sum of the individual that ends up making a great team. As an organization or in a personal capacity, the modern world we live in requires so much that we are often inundated. R&D has a retinue of top-performing personal training programs that bring the best out of the individual and make them a positive provider for the environment they find themselves in. Personal training is an incredible investment, that is why R&D with its expert team of trainers has created interactive, goal-driven programs that mold, mentor, and inspire participants to fulfill their highest potentials.

Our training enables you to


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