Optimizing Business Performance

We provide you with new bespoke one-stop-shop IT solutions to help you improve your performance while securing a high-quality customer experience and generate more income.
Whether you want to develop software solutions or feed your AI tools with high-quality data, our dedicated team will be of your service. Let us join your IT team or become your remote team to help you manage the entire software development lifecycle process – from initial analysis to development, testing, and maintenance.

AI training data

The increasing need for accurate, timely and easily accessible data is vital to your organizational growth as it allows your executives make informed decisions, enable better understanding, propel growth. Since 2010 we been able to collect real time data for global companies from our state-of-the-art analysis center, located in the heart of Addis Ababa.  

Our young and dynamic employees are skilled and are trained by qualified experts to enter, scan, file, process, and index valuable data at a low cost. We have the ability to handle large volumes of data entry and analysis to help you train your AI tools in all sectors. You can count on us, for video annotation, audio, image and video editing/labeling, text, video and audio translation or sentiment analysis.  

Business Intelligence

Though information is critical to the growth of your business majority of businesses huge volumes of raw data that remains unprocessed. We help you process your data effectively to help your gain the information you require. No more traditional methods of data analysis to provide strategic decision to your management. Allow us to help you use different data to get at the information buried in the data as to derive more clarity and accuracy in your decision-making process.
Despite the complexity of patterns, or the difficulty in performing the analysis, our experienced data analysts will help you create models to find hidden patterns in large, complex collections of data. Using multiple technologies such as cloud computing, social media platforms, process automation software, and business analytics software, we will enable you to lower costs, increase profits, ameliorate overall risks, and smooth workflow.

Software Development

The need for qualified software experts is no more only by tech companies. As every business relies on technology, qualified software engineers are expected to be scarce. Whether you are operating in the banking, healthcare, security, government, science, marketing area or you are a startup looking to design your first website, you can call upon us to connect you to the best experts. While you focus on your core business, you can delegate the responsibility of your software development activities to us.
We work with diverse IT experts and internationally acknowledged IT software and consultancy providers to provide you qualitative and affordable software solutions. We can provide you with an augmented remote staff member, dedicated remote team or you can outsource your entire software development knowing your needs are well-met. We are here to help you strengthen your internal resource or expertise with a focus on your business growth and digital transformation.

Content Moderation

It is a given that websites or other platforms provide added value when they contain more content. However, quality of content – texts, pictures, audio, or video content, especially when the content is user-generated (UGC), is extremely important to be considered a credible platform.
Our team of content moderators is well equipped to screen, monitor, and approve your content by labeling or flagging data to be aligned with the organization. They will take your company’s guidelines, national (international) regulations, and violation of intellectual property rights. Allow us to protect your brand and online reputation, drive user engagement and improve your search engine rankings.

Document Management

It has become clear that developing nations will surely leapfrog the developed countries with the shared economy advancement. With digital transformation being the catalyst for change, organizations of all sectors and sizes will benefit from the ‘third industrial revolution. However, before they can join the digital economy, they are expected to go through digitization, digitalization and finally achieve digital transformation.   

With a high number of young tech-savvy workforce in Ethiopia, we can manage high volume manual and automated document management assignments. In line with the digital Ethiopia 2025 and the growing interest for other developing countries to enter the 4th industrial revolution, we welcome you to our state-of-the-art location to help you in your digital transition. Using globally accepted technologies we support you to set up effective document management systems that can allow you to influence business processes and your overall bottom line.