Dare 2 Share Event

Partners for Change (P4C) invites you to join RBD, R&D Group, and ORTEC Sports in organizing a unique and inspiring P4C 2022, a two days hybrid ‘Dare to Share’ Event on the 12th & 13th of January. As part of the GREAT ETHIOPIAN HOMECOMING movement, the event will tap on the knowledge and experience of Ethiopians in the diaspora along with home based experts in Ethiopia.

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Official Launch for Share Platform !

Partners for Change (P4C), created in 2011 by young professionals (YPS) committed in addressing global sustainability challenges through multi-sector partnerships, was founded by Mrs. Rahel Boon – Dejene. To that sole objective, we conduct strategic events to equip young people from all industries with the skills they need to become more effective sustainability leaders and change-makers. In today’s interconnected world, the road to change is built on common ground. As part of its timeless mission to foster partnerships in business, social, and sustainable development, P4C has organized a unique and inspiring P4C 2022 hybrid event entitled ‘Dare to Share’ on the 12th & 13th of January.

Day 1

Connecting diaspora and home-based professionals to make a lasting ImpACT


Our team and partners, Prosource HR Solutions, CAWEE, and 251communications, have joined forces to dedicate this year’s event to connect and inspire diaspora and home-based experts who are keen on addressing national and regional challenges through multisector partnerships. The event’s hands-on “Hackathon-for-Change” sessions will also be at the heart of the event, where experts with the right skillset collaborate with remarkable DO’ers in their fields.

Along with the programs at the “Dare to Share ” Event, we invite you to attend the launch of our very own “SHARE PLATFORM” a unique online platform that connects businesses with a wide range of professionals. Share Platform brings together experts from the private, social, and public sectors who are drawn to helping Ethiopia’s economy in one online platform towards a stronger impact.

Our Panelists

Be inspired by our panelists, speakers, and partners who joined forces with us!

Day 2

Connecting Ethiopian and diaspora experts to create homegrown solutions


In collaboration with our selected Ethiopian Outsourcing Association partners, Africa 118, Excellerent Technology Solutions, and MMCY, we have organized a tech-driven tour to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in Ethiopia. Visiting the offices of our technology partners is expected to demonstrate Ethiopian professionals’ ability to serve global clients remotely. In our speed dating sessions, attendees meet like-minded experts and our team members who lead our Entrepreneurship accelerator programs, academy, HR Excellence, and outsourcing divisions. In addition, attendees will be able to try out our newly released Digital Platform SHARE and get a first peek at our Sport-tech solution.


Carers / Facilitators

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