Month: June 2021

social interprise world forum

Our team attending the ‘social enterprise world forum’, hosted by our RISE program sponsor, The Britsh council Ethiopia.our project lead Leah Dejenu, with the delivery manager, Kassonde Kashulwe, was a proud speaker at the youth week. Date stamp: October 25/2019

Our team in Hawassa

Our team in Hawassa, for the initial phase of its HR intervention at the Hawassa industrial park.R&D took on this project to conduct a baseline survey and develop a minimum HR guideline for industrial parks in Ethiopia. Date stamp: November 7/2018

Readily Investible Social Enterprises

R&D Group organized a workshop to launch the RISE (Readily Investible Social Enterprises) program at blue moon Ethiopia. The workshop was attended by social entrepreneurs and individuals passionate about social entrepreneurship. RISE is a project, sponsored by Britsh council Ethiopia and implemented by R&D Group and The Challenges group, aiming to provide qualified social enterprises …

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