Advancing Ethiopia’s Digital Economy: A Collaborative Endeavor by ICT Park Corporation and R&D Group

Ethiopia’s Information Technology Park Corporation (ICT Park) is driven to play a pivotal role in driving the nation’s digital economy forward. In a recent development, executives from the R&D Group engaged in a constructive meeting with the CEO of ICT Park Corporation and the General Manager of ICT Park. The focus of this meeting was on collaborative strategies aimed at elevating Ethiopia’s digital landscape.

This meeting holds significance as it aligns with ICT Park Corporation’s initiative to reinvigorate one of the park’s key original purposes: serving as a hub for promising private sectors, especially outsourcing enterprises. The objective is to provide these enterprises with a supportive environment within the park, facilitating growth through sustained assistance and market connections. ICT Park aspires to evolve into an ecosystem aggregator, streamlining services for businesses in the ICT sector and acting as a comprehensive destination for their diverse needs.

Discussions also explored strategies to enhance the park’s value and attract interest from the private sector. R&D Group’s executives highlighted that Shared services should be a key consideration to streamline operations and reduce costs, ultimately enhancing efficiency for both new entrants and existing park residents. This approach is designed to alleviate administrative burdens, enabling businesses to focus on operations and contribute to economic growth through increased foreign currency income and employment.

The park’s strategic location, offering proximity to affordable housing, food, and transportation options, positions it as an ideal partner for ICT Park’s initiatives. According to Mr. Henok Ahmend, the park is actively working on initiatives to make it an attractive destination for enterprises to relocate. The resident program is structured to foster partnerships between resident companies and relevant public stakeholders for onshoring opportunities and market linkages, aligning with the vision of facilitating overseas outsourcing activities.

Concurrently, Ethiopia’s standing in the global outsourcing sector is gaining momentum. Despite the industry’s growth within the country, Ethiopia’s global market share remains relatively low. Mr. Henok Ahmed, CEO of ICT Park Corporation, and R&D’s founders, Rahel Boon-Dejene and Mr. Wondwesen Zewdie, share the vision of establishing Ethiopia as the preferred Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destination in Africa.

R&D Group’s executives emphasized the substantial benefits of joining ICT Park for outsourcing companies during their discussions. Collaborative support for offshore outsourcing companies in the same geographic location is deemed the most impactful way to create a significant industry influence. This support encompasses a well-functioning infrastructure, easier market linkage, and collaborative policy dialogue.

The collaboration between ICT Park and R&D Group aims to attract more outsourcing companies, creating job opportunities for Ethiopians and propelling the outsourcing sector to generate immense foreign currency for the country. Mr. Henok Ahmed, CEO of ICT Park Corporation, encourages potential partners to initiate conversations and join the park resident program, provided that they align with the park’s vision.

As Ethiopia’s outsourcing sector expands, it stands at a pivotal juncture with a young workforce, a conducive business environment, and a growing ICT sector. To capitalize on this growth, investments in infrastructure, training, and marketing are imperative. The proactive approach taken by ICT Park Corporation is a significant step forward in creating a conducive environment for the private sector to thrive and drive economic momentum.

As a pioneer in the outsourcing sector since 2010, R&D Group is committed to propelling this movement forward and supporting initiatives that contribute to making the outsourcing industry a significant contributor to Ethiopia’s economy. Through strategic partnerships, tailored strategies, and a collective vision, Ethiopia has the potential to establish itself as a key player in the global outsourcing market, fostering economic growth and providing opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.