Post-Gitex Report 2022 – Dubai, UAE

We are in a world where demand is met with service instantaneously. The veil that separates the physical world from the virtual world has been thinning as the unending demands of people grow with time. Consumers are finding it easier to get what they want, whether it be hailing a taxi, ordering food, buying a set of earrings, or booking a plane. While the on-demand economy flourishes, supply comes with a wealth of choices making time and distance irrelevant. This interconnectivity and the need for globalization has led to a global tech talent war putting companies on the edge of their seats to employ workers remotely across all continents.

In the midst of all, Ethiopia- the second most populated country in Africa and an economy that is going through digital transformation, is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. The increasing internet penetration with a supportive government will help position the country as a preferred outsourcing destination to watch. The nearly 100,000 annual STEM graduates are trainable, tech-savvy, and multilingual professionals who can participate on a global platform. Offering cost-effective and professional service, Ethiopian IT professionals with the right skills-set have and will continue to help combat the global lack of talent and help improve efficiency while offering diversity to the teams they work with.  

Being an impact outsourcing pioneer, R&D Group has been providing industry-leading business process outsourcing services for global clients. We empower your IT, Customer Service, and HR departments to do more, free up resources and improve productivity. Our outsourcing amenities are built to help ambitious organizations achieve more with untapped Pro talent from Ethiopia. Earlier in the month, R&D formed a partnership with Gebeya Inc., a Pan-African online freelancers’ platform, to establish and bridge the labor gap between skilled IT professionals (outsourced and freelanced) and global companies  – tapping into the increasing demand for skilled professionals.

As we believe in cooperation, R & D Group joined forces with Excellerent and Africom to promote Ethiopia as a hub of African talents. Together we embarked on a journey that took us to Dubai between the 10th and 14th of October to exhibit at one of the largest tech exhibitions-GITEX 2022. Our team took the opportunity to network and connect with inspiring tech moguls at the exhibition. R&D presented the world-class services we provide, especially in the areas of AI training data. HR Outsourcing, data analytics, social media management, and IT talent sourcing.

During the interactive expo, we were extremely overwhelmed by the amount of interest in recruiting qualified IT professionals and were honored to host delegations from various organizations. To name a few, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MINT), the Ethiopian embassy in UAE, Enterprise Estonia, Amazon, Oracle, Dubai International Chamber  INSA, start-ups, and home-grown technology companies from Ethiopia.

On the final day of GITEX, our CEO, Rahel Boon-Dejene, gave a heartfelt speech about the potential Ethiopian talents hold to combat the global talent war. As we look back to this wonderful week, our hospitable team will work harder to seamlessly work with our clients to increase output, minimize costs and impact the new generation of IT professionals and help them become an employer of choice.

Our presence at GITEX is only the first of many and we will embark on adventures that will help us cross boundaries. We only hope to include your business within our group as we do so.