Dashen Food Factory

Dashen Food Factory was established in 2005. Being a shared company, Dashen has an Israeli shareholder that has 51% of the shares, and two other shareholders that are Ethiopian. They bought the company from the previous Ethiopian shareholders. The company produces muffins and 6 types of cookies (including fasting cookies). Easter fasting is when Dashen only produces fasting cookies due to the high demand for fasting products during this time of year. The company has hired an Israeli chef who overlooks the quality of the cookies and muffins. They are currently producing 20,000 muffins per day, mainly vanilla flavor. They try to use as many natural preservatives as possible. And they reduced 25% of the sugar from the original recipe because the cane sugar is highly concentrated. The vision of the company is to be competitive in local and international markets by producing different types of food products using modern technology and operating systems. Their mission is to guarantee their customers’ satisfaction, promote national development by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, to create a competitive workforce in manufacturing and marketing in the food production industry. All this is in hopes of creating products through operational efficiency, excellence, and sustainability. The company has 47 employees, of which 32 are female and app. 90% are youth. The company has 5 managers, of which 1 is a woman. There is one externally hired staff member, who is the accountant who is at the company once a week, and over 10 suppliers.

For More Information: https://addisbiz.com/business-directory/10570-dashen-food-factory-plc

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