Ethiogreen production and industry

Ethiogreen was set up in the US in 2008. The Ethiopian side of the business was established in 2012. The company produces injera and deskosh (dried injera). Ethiogreen wants to become a recognized brand in the gluten-free industry while maintaining a distinct Ethiopian identity by promoting natural products, culture, and dietary habits. They want to be a model for a service. The unique selling point of the company is that the injeras are made of 100% teff. Ethiogreen has a label on their packaged injera, this is almost unique in Ethiopia. They are also in the process of producing, packaging and distributing the injera in a way that meets international sanitation and health standards. They are refurnishing the fabric internally so it will meet international standards. As soon as possible Rahel wants all injera to be VISMA certified, since it will become mandatory to have this certificate to expert to the US in the future. The company has an income of 430,000 USD and employs 42 people of which 36 are women. Ethiogreen wants to automate the process of injera making to produce on a larger scale. They are in the process of introducing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This is a management system that helps the company to see its operations. Daily reports can be produced and the system will give the optimal price if a new order is placed. Ethiogreen started to cooperate with a travel agency to provide injera baking tours for tourists. The tourists pay 200 birr per person, of which 170 birr is profit. This money will be used for the payment of school fees and medical provisions for the children of the employees. Other ideas to make the company more socially responsible include: buying a solar drier for the dried injera and implementing a waste management system.

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