Launching of Ethiopian Outsourcing Association

R&D Ethiopia: a pioneer for change through the Ethiopian Outsourcing Association


The Ethiopian outsourcing industry has been rapidly growing, thanks to the establishment of the Ethiopian Outsourcing Association (EOA) within the past year. This non-profit civil association plays a crucial role in providing global outsourcing services by representing the country’s leading service providers in offshore outsourcing.  EOA is fostering growth and replicating the success of South Asian countries by keeping Ethiopia globalized enough to attract outsourced businesses and  R & D group has played a crucial role in the establishment and promotion of such an association.

The Ethiopian Outsourcing Association (EOA) and its Objectives

The Ethiopian Outsourcing Association (EOA) was established by a group of industry leaders, including the R&D group, amidst changing times to boost efforts in attracting foreign investment, creating sustainable jobs, and developing the skills of the workforce. As a non-profit association, the EOA’s primary goal is to provide a platform for public-private relationships and advocacy mechanisms that foster a conducive environment for outsourcing companies and foreign investors.“We can see that it’s going to create an immense amount of jobs, and not just jobs but dignified jobs,” said Wondwessen Zewdie, President of the Association and COO of R&D group at an interview conducted by the ITC.

One notable achievement in the establishment of the EOA was the support provided by The International Trade Centre (ITC) through the Netherlands Trust Fund V Ethiopia Tech project. This support included bringing in an international expert to help design the association’s strategy, as part of the ITC’s mission to work with digital businesses and business support organizations. By harmonizing regulations and the tech ecosystem, the EOA aims to attract more businesses and investment to the growing sector.

Creating a Conducive Environment

To keep Ethiopia globalized and attractive to outsourced businesses, the EOA and its members actively engage with government bodies and advocate for policy changes. By fostering public-private relationships, the association ensures that the necessary regulations, incentives, and support systems are in place to facilitate growth in the outsourcing industry.

Harmonizing regulations is a key focus for the EOA, as it helps streamline processes and creates a predictable environment for foreign investors and outsourcing companies. This approach helps Ethiopia align with global standards and gives businesses the confidence to invest in the country.

Additionally, the EOA recognizes the importance of the tech ecosystem in attracting outsourcing businesses. By working with tech hubs and business support organizations, the association aims to create a thriving digital landscape that can meet the needs of global clients. This involves providing training, support, and networking opportunities for tech entrepreneurs and professionals.

Talent and Skill Development

The Ethiopian Outsourcing Association (EOA) is dedicated to bolstering the competence and capacity of the outsourcing sector through effective networks. The association achieves this by establishing an institution that transforms the talent pool into highly skilled professionals. By enhancing existing institutions, the EOA revises frameworks to align with the evolving requirements of global outsourcing ventures. Moreover, the association offers a platform for professionals to connect with other members of the association and foreign investors. This networking opportunity facilitates knowledge exchange, cultivates partnerships, and fosters the growth of the Ethiopian outsourcing sector. Through its strategic initiatives, the EOA is nurturing a skilled workforce and positioning Ethiopia as a competitive player in the global outsourcing market.

Marketing Services and Trade Shows

The International Trade Centre (ITC) also plays a role in the EOA’s efforts to market services internationally. With a mission to promote business growth, the ITC supports the EOA in showcasing its outsourcing services in foreign countries. By participating in trade shows like GITEX Global and GITEX Africa, the EOA can attract the attention of potential clients and demonstrate the capabilities of Ethiopian outsourcing service providers.

Boosting the Ethiopian Economy: R&D’s Efforts to meet the association’s objectives

The growth of the outsourcing sector brings significant benefits to the Ethiopian economy. By attracting foreign investment and creating sustainable jobs, the EOA helps generate revenue and improve the livelihoods of the workforce. As outsourcing services continue to contribute to the economy, Ethiopia can enhance its economic growth and development.

The Ethiopian Outsourcing Association (EOA) plays a pivotal role in fostering growth and globalization in the outsourcing industry. R&D has been and continues to be a pioneer, playing a vital role in making Ethiopia a more attractive destination for outsourcing companies. R&D’s efforts can be highlighted as such: Developing new technologies and solutions, Providing training and education, Producing research and reports, and Building partnerships

Through its advocacy mechanisms, public-private relationships, and marketing efforts, the EOA is keeping Ethiopia globalized enough to attract outsourced businesses. With the support of organizations like the International Trade Centre (ITC), Ethiopia is bringing in resources and making the outsourcing sector a significant revenue generator, contributing to the overall growth of the Ethiopian economy.

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