SWED Farms

SWED Farms was created by 3 partners in 2015. They plan to cultivate and export ginger and turmeric however due to bans by the government, as a result of disease to ginger plants, the company is currently cultivating turmeric at a much larger scale. The farm rests on 100 hectares of land in Bombay town. The first yield of the farm is expected by February 2018. Due to its success in establishing and running the farm, the regional government awarded it further was offered 200 hectares more farmland. The company has 50 full-time employees of which 4 are female. The number of part-time employees (daily laborers) is as high as 200 hundred, with more than 90% of them women. The company does quite a lot to help the nearby communities by providing training on how to harvest turmeric for free. Doing such community development work is a critical engagement the company has to prove to gain market in Scandinavia. The founders of the company developed a business plan to help develop the company. But Solomon says, rarely do plans go according to plan and they have made changes since they’ve started.

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